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History’s Influential Women: Harriet Tubman

When looking at a list of the most influential women in history, Harriet Tubman has to be near the top. Given where she started in life, and the eventual impact she would make on hundreds, if not thousands of people, it is without a doubt that she belongs in the conversation. From slave to Underground […]

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Failure and the Art of Overcoming it: The Story of Abraham Lincoln

When faced with adversity in life, many people cannot cope. Sometimes the stress is too much. Fear and self-doubt take over. It’s in these times when it is extremely beneficial to have a helping hand. Someone to look towards for motivation. Someone who can help show you the way. Not everyone has that though. Abraham […]

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George Washington: The Man, The Myth, The Real Estate Mogul?

For those of you who don’t know, I’m kind of a big history nerd. Specifically American history, though ancient history has always fascinated me as well. That’s a big reason why I’ve always wanted to live in Washington DC: there‘s so much American history located within the city and the surrounding areas. Philosopher George Santayana […]

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