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One Year Of YFK

ATTENTION: Celebration is in order. One year ago today, it is written in the annals of history that I published my first blog post! How in the world has it already been a year?? This time last year, I remember I had been agonizing for months over the decision of whether or not I wanted […]

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Decision Fatigue and FI

On the journey to Financial Independence, there are going to be thousands upon thousands of financial decisions you are going to have to make. From big major life moves, (like where you are going to live), to small insignificant ones, (like which brand of peanut butter to buy at the grocery store), you are constantly […]

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Net Worth Update: November 2018

Welcome to another monthly Net Worth update! This time its Net Worth November 2018 edition: For those that are new, I will be posting these on a monthly basis to show my progress towards Financial Independence.  The purpose of these is not to brag, or show off what I have, merely to show that little […]

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Ignem Mittere In Terram

In every one of our lives, there are words and phrases that hold a special meaning. Perhaps it is a phrase one of your parents or grandparents currently do or would always say. Maybe it’s the lyrics from a song you love, or that helped you through a hard time. It could even be a […]

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Investing Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

July 7th, 2014. It was the first day of my full time job. I was pretty nervous, as most people are on their first day at a new company. I had not met my boss, coworkers, or anyone really, so I had no idea what to expect. The day was a blur, from new hire […]

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