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Road Tripping: How Far is Too Far?

As you all may know, I’m all about cheap travel. Although taking the bus is a great choice where it makes sense, my default option is actually to drive my car and take a road trip. Most of the time, this is simply the most convenient option. When I go home to visit my parents […]

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5 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Rates

Continuing along with the car theme this week, I wanted to explore one topic (nearly) everyone hates to deal with: car insurance. Why is this so hated? It should be pretty simple. I mean, you agree to pay a company XX number of dollars each year in exchange for a certain agreed upon coverage in […]

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How Buying My First Car Cost Me Nearly $100K

One of the bigger money mistakes I’ve made so far in my (relatively) short career? Aside from my massive emergency fund, buying my nice new(ish) car nearly three years ago has to be near the top. Tell me if you’ve heard this story before: My $20,000 car Straight out of college my parents lent me […]

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