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Streak Your Way To Healthy Habits

I know what you’re thinking… As much as I find that scene from Old School hilarious, I am not advocating that you should actually go streaking. Instead, I’m suggesting a method to help you begin and continue healthy habits to reach your goals! If you haven’t guessed already, I’m proposing that you start, build, and […]

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The Link Between Stress and Physical Health

When I was in 7th grade a strange thing happened to me. During my yearly basketball season I was struck with a debilitating lower back injury. It was odd as there was seemingly no reason for the onset. No sudden twist, collision, or impact while playing that brought it on. The pain was so great […]

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It’s Not A Race To The Finish Line

An interesting opportunity came to my attention a few weeks ago. It was an internal position within my company that had been forwarded over to me by a coworker. At first glance, the position looked fairly unappealing – it was located on the other side of the globe, in a far flung country with a […]

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How I Average $135/month on Groceries

For the last few months I’ve been getting a few questions from curious friends and readers as to how I keep my monthly grocery spending so low. After all, for the entirety of 2018 I averaged spending just under $135/month on groceries, which was the lowest it’s ever been for myself since I started tracking […]

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The Need For Structure

When I think of life post-FI – the one where I have quit my full time job – I think of how much more free time I will have. It’s a pretty bizarre feeling. I can literally do whatever I want, whenever I want. Take a nap mid afternoon, workout at any hour, learn a […]

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