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January 5AM Wake Up Challenge Recap

Following a amazing and life changing year in 2018, I set some pretty big and tough goals to work towards in 2019. Given the nature of these goals, some were going to be very difficult to achieve if I was left to my typical procrastinator self. So what could I do? The answer? The January […]

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Up Your Giving Game

Over the holidays there was a stir in the media when CNBC published an article on the budget breakdown of a 25 year old making $100K living in a high cost of living city (Boston). Naturally, this resulted in an outpouring of disbelief as people across the internet could not possibly understand how anyone could […]

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January 5AM Wake Up Challenge

Hey there! Surprised to hear from me? I know what you’re thinking… Back to back days of posts?? For the first time ever?? And after I just mentioned yesterday that once a week posts would probably be the norm this year?? Who in the world is this!? Well, this one was a shocker for me […]

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Remembering Your First Money Lesson

When looking at a high level view of our financial lives, we all had to start somewhere. Some people were lucky and grew up in a financially literate household. Perhaps money was talked about often and your parents did all they could to help you understand the way the world of money worked, and helped […]

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Third Quarter 2018 Goals Update

Setting yourself up with solid financial goals is an extremely important task. It’s an excellent way to measure progress, as well as give you something to work on and constantly strive for. Ideally, I think you should have both financial and personal goals that you are tracking to. Every quarter I’ll be reviewing how I’m […]

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