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No Screens Before Bed Challenge – Recap

With May officially over its time to recap how things went on the month long No Screens Before Bed Challenge I was participating in. First things first – thank goodness it’s over! That was so much more difficult than I originally thought it would to be. The goal was to not look at any screens […]

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Even Healthy People Should Prepare For Health Scares

You know that feeling when you’re young? Where you feel like nothing can go wrong and you’ll always have good health? Well, tough to break it to you, but it’s not going to last. Whether the good health lasts through your 20’s and 30’s or even longer into your 80’s and 90’s, eventually it’s going […]

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No Screens Before Bed Challenge

When it comes to sleep, most people already know and have been told how important it is. The benefits can not only extend to feeling more rested and energetic the next day, but can also lead to better cognitive function and help you to live longer. As sleeping has all these benefits and takes up […]

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Could You Wake Up Without Coffee?

When creating your budget, or tracking your expenses (whichever you prefer), you must take into consideration what you are and aren’t willing to spend your money on in order to reach your savings goals. Clearly these choices are extremely personal as everyone is different in their tastes and preferences. For example, I enjoy going out […]

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Two Simple Letters To Save You Time and Money

What if I told you there’s a simple word in your vocabulary that can help save you both time and money. This word is only two letters and is one you’ve probably heard countless times in your life. You’d probably want to utilize this word more often, right? What if I also told you that […]

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