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Camp FI Midwest 2018 Recap

When I told my parents I was heading up to Minnesota for Camp FI Midwest this year, I found myself having to answer an interesting question back from them. You see, while I’ve told my parents about my goal of Financial Independence in my 30’s (and they are very supportive), I haven’t mentioned anything about […]

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Is A Full Time MBA Worth It?

This past weekend, the roommate I’ve had since moving to the DC area moved out. While I’ll be sad to see him go as he was my closest friend down here and a good roommate, I’m happy for him as he moves on to the next opportunity in his life. He was able to find […]

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Olympic Athletes Make How Much Money??

For those that haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that we’re in the midst of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Personally, I love watching the Olympics. Every two years we get to watch the absolute best athletes compete against each other for the glory of winning the gold medal for themselves and […]

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Are you Taking Full Advantage of Your Employer Benefits?

Want to know an often underrated part of working for a company? The Additional Employer Benefits. What do I mean? These are the additional things that you receive, or have the option to receive, just by working there! Most people when they hear benefits often immediately only think of the Medical Plan(s). This is understandable, […]

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LASIK or Contacts/Glasses – Which is More Expensive?

Nearly 65% of Americans have some sort of vision impairment. For over a decade, I also was visually impaired and needed to wear contacts or glasses in order to see normally throughout my everyday life. While looking at my Net Worth Updates page, you may have noticed a major blip in January of 2017. How […]

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