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A Step By Step Guide to Formulating My 2019 Taxes

Tax season… one of the least fun times of the year for many people. It consists of the extremely enjoyable activities of collecting all traces of income and certain expenditures in preparation to file your taxes for the previous year. Sounds like a blast! Pretty much it means it’s time to true up your taxes […]

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Money Moves During COVID-19

It’s been a wild last twenty-eight years. Oh wait, did I just say it’s been a lifetime? My mistake, but honestly that’s about how long the last 1-2 months has felt ever since the COVID-19 threat started to get taken seriously in the US and the area I live in. My fiancée and I have […]

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Q3 2019 Goals Check In

It’s been quite the quarter I must say. From July to September I feel like an insane amount of things occurred, and the 4th of July holiday seems as if it was a lifetime ago. Highs and lows. Moving. Vacations galore. Discovering new routines. All the above and more. It’s been quite a lot to […]

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The Safe Path

Recently there was a pretty big change in my life: I moved in with my significant other! With the change has come a plethora of adjustments we’ve both had to make as we get settled into this new phase of our lives. One of the biggest I’ve noticed, is now thinking in terms of “we” or […]

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Can Stealth Wealth And Financial Independence Coexist?

The concept of stealth wealth is one that’s fascinated me ever since reading about it in Thomas J Stanley’s book, The Millionaire Next Door. For those not familiar, stealth wealth is the notion where you’re a wealthy person, perhaps even financially independent, but you live well within your means and seem like an average, ordinary person. […]

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