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5 Smart Things To Do With Your Bonus/Raise

It’s that time of year again. Can you feel it in the air? Can you hear that noise? CHA-CHING! It’s bonus and raise season! Who doesn’t love getting paid a little extra money for doing the exact same job they were doing a few weeks prior? Unfortunately, most people will take this extra money and […]

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How my Emergency Fund Cost me $10K

Setting up an emergency fund is one piece of advice that seems to be a consensus among the general personal finance community. This is something that financial advisors commonly recommend and is usually targeted as one of the first things to prioritize when starting out (usually after paying off high-interest debt). For those who don’t […]

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create your budget

How to Create Your Budget (And Stick to It)

The beginning of the New Year is an excellent time to create your budget. While you may already have a budget, or you will be creating one for the first time, having some sort of budget is ESSENTIAL to keeping track of your finances, and reaching your financial goals. For those that already have one, […]

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2017 Review / 2018 Goals

With the start of the New Year, it’s time for my 2017 year end review. The year was filled with many amazing times, and several trips all over the East Coast, most to places I’ve never been before. I love to travel and explore new places, and this year I was really able to accomplish […]

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What Living Within your Means is all About

Undoubtedly, at some point in your life, you have heard the phrase, “Living Within your Means.” Yet, in the consumer oriented and materialistic world we live in, what does that even mean? These days, it is all too easy to sign up for multiple credit cards with high limits. It’s also fairly easy to get […]

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