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Failure and the Art of Overcoming it: The Story of Abraham Lincoln

When faced with adversity in life, many people cannot cope. Sometimes the stress is too much. Fear and self-doubt take over. It’s in these times when it is extremely beneficial to have a helping hand. Someone to look towards for motivation. Someone who can help show you the way. Not everyone has that though. Abraham […]

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Net Worth Update: January 2018

Welcome to another addition of my monthly Net Worth update! This time its Net Worth January 2018 edition: For those that are new, I will be posting these on a monthly basis to show my progress towards Financial Independence.  The purpose of these is not to brag, or show off what I have, merely to […]

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Are you Taking Full Advantage of Your Employer Benefits?

Want to know an often underrated part of working for a company? The Additional Employer Benefits. What do I mean? These are the additional things that you receive, or have the option to receive, just by working there! Most people when they hear benefits often immediately only think of the Medical Plan(s). This is understandable, […]

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Why the 1% Gets a Bigger Tax Cut Than You

It’s been more than a month since the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). While the stock market has seemingly loved this news (S&P 500 up 7.5% this MONTH), there are many people who are less than convinced how good this will be for the country. With reports from both sides of […]

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George Washington: The Man, The Myth, The Real Estate Mogul?

For those of you who don’t know, I’m kind of a big history nerd. Specifically American history, though ancient history has always fascinated me as well. That’s a big reason why I’ve always wanted to live in Washington DC: there‘s so much American history located within the city and the surrounding areas. Philosopher George Santayana […]

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