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What Living Within your Means is all About

Undoubtedly, at some point in your life, you have heard the phrase, “Living Within your Means.” Yet, in the consumer oriented and materialistic world we live in, what does that even mean? These days, it is all too easy to sign up for multiple credit cards with high limits. It’s also fairly easy to get […]

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Background: Part II

For those who haven’t read Background: Part I, click to read about my years prior to beginning a full time job. For those who have, welcome back! 2014: We left off right as I was about to start my very first full time job, back in July 2014. I joined as a Financial Analyst with […]

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Background: Part I

It may surprise you to know that this whole active journey to Financial Independence just started very, very recently. (As in about 6 months ago!) For the vast majority of my life I was like most people: only interested in Personal Finance enough to make sure I was making ends meet, along with saving a […]

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Net Worth Update: November 2017

Welcome to the first monthly Net Worth update! As I mentioned in my Introduction, I will be posting these on a monthly basis to show my progress towards Financial Independence.  The purpose of these is not to brag, or show off what I have, merely to show that little by little, even over the course […]

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Welcome to the blog! I am the Young FIRE Knight – champion of the realm, defender of the innocent, traveling far and wide in search of unknown wonders… Nah, in reality I’m just your regular 26 year old, traversing the peaks and valleys of this thing we call life. I started this blog in order […]

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