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Recommended Blogs:

Here are several blogs I follow and enjoy reading. Their stories can be vastly different than my own, and if you find it tough to relate to my story, I’d recommend checking a few of them out!

Reaching For FI

Erin blogs about her life and journey to Financial Independence and has a unique story as a millennial with a below average salary, living in a high cost of living city and still crushing her savings goals.

Fiery Millennials

Gwen is a rock star in the FIRE community as she has been documenting her life and journey for several years now. She’s made the leap into several new avenues and detailed her progress and experiences along the way.

Tread Lightly Retire Early

Angela provides a refreshing alternative view to the FIRE movement, intersecting sustainability and community into an equation that is usually all about the money aspect.

Accidental FIRE

Dave has a unique story where he woke up one day and realized he was Financially Independent! His stories and outlook on life are great reads and you can take actionable advice from nearly every post.

Our Next Life

Tanja blogged anonymously for years and built a massive following until finally retiring recently. Her wisdom and guidance through the working years and the transition to “retirement” is a must read for everyone.

Retire By 40

Joe is a retired stay at home dad who started blogging after getting burned out from his career and walking away from it. He tells it how it is and doesn’t sugarcoat any of what his journey is about!

My Money Wizard

The Money Wizard is just a regular, late 20’s dude who’s built up a massive Net Worth from saving and investing at a young age on a slightly above average income.

Financial Panther

Kevin blogs about his experiences with side hustling in the gig economy. It’s pretty amazing how much he makes on the side of his main job!

A Purple Life

Purple is a millennial blogger with a big dream to walk away from her job at the age of 30! She lives on less than $20,000 a year in a high cost of living city and talks about her best life hacks.

Money Metagame

Noah and his wife Becky are two millennials on the fast track to Financial Independence. Instead of gutting it out, they chose to take a gap year and quit their jobs to travel around the US for a year.

Recommended Podcasts:

I love listening to podcasts as a way to learn more while doing other things, such as commuting, doing housework, long car rides, etc. Here are a few I’ve recommended to others with the reviews I left on iTunes for them!

Choose FI

“Choose FI is one of those special podcasts that you can listen to over and over again for months on end without fear of being let down. I speak from experience after binging the first 200+ episodes in a six month span! The energy and enthusiasm Brad and Jonathan exude is contagious, and you can’t help but feel better after listening and like you have taken some actionable advice from each episode. As a truly crowd sourced show, it is refreshing hearing from so many different voices in the community, and the unique perspectives they share. This is a must listen!”

The Fairer Cents

“While this podcast is primarily geared towards women, I think all guys should listen to every episode and then listen again, this time taking notes! The podcast helps to explore sensitive topics around money, relationships, equality and so much more, as well as the connectedness between all these aspects of our lives. Many of the issues and dialogue can be truly eye opening for men and can help us understand and realize the often invisible aspects the women in our lives go through on a daily basis. Tanja and Kara do a fantastic job of delivering high quality episodes with insights from reputable sources and relate these back at a very individual level that hits home. 10/10 would listen. Stay rad!”

Coach Carson Podcast

“Real Estate investing can be an intimidating experience. Chad does a great job breaking down both the overall concepts, as well as the nuts and bolts behind investing strategies, giving real life examples of what he has done with his successful business. Chad is an extremely relatable and down to earth guy who teaches not only real estate investing strategies, but life optimization strategies and knowing what works best for your individual situation. This podcast is a great one to add to your weekly routine!”

FIRE Drill Podcast

“This show is a must listen! Gwen and J bring on a wide variety of guests that have incredible stories to learn from. The hosts are very professional and personable which helps people of all backgrounds relate to the show and community. I love being able to listen to the episodes every week. Do yourself a favor and subscribe!”

What’s Up Next

“This podcast provides a change up to the traditional interview based podcast episodes. Instead of a discussion revolving around a guest’s story and advice to the audience, the episodes have a panel of guests who all discuss a certain topic and share their experiences within the broad Financial Independence space. The hosts do a great job mediating and steering the conversations into often unexpected territory, with meaningful and relevant dialogue that anyone listening can take actionable advice from. Don’t miss out!”

Recommended Books:

There are many books that will help you on your journey to Financial Independence. Here are a few I’ve particularly enjoyed:

The Simple Path to Wealth – JL Collins

Your Money or Your Life – Vicky Robin

Work Optional – Tanja Hester

The Millionaire Next Door – Thomas J Stanley

The Year of Less – Cait Flanders

The Richest Man in Babylon – George Clason

Set For Life – Scott Trench

Recommended Influential Content:

There is some content you consume that sticks with you for a long time and changes your outlook on a certain topic. Here are some that have stuck with me and influenced how I see things and the world around me:

The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement – Mr. Money Mustache

Stock Series – JL Collins

Episode #4 Emotional Labor – The Fairer Cents Podcast

$150,000 Income, $150 Income Tax – Root of Good