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Welcome to the blog!

I am the Young FIRE Knight – champion of the realm, defender of the innocent, traveling far and wide in search of unknown wonders…

Nah, in reality I’m just your regular 26 year old, traversing the peaks and valleys of this thing we call life.

I started this blog in order to document and share my journey towards FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.

Not sure what that is? Think of it as the moment when you realize you can quit whatever job you’re working and do whatever your heart desires for the rest of your life, in full confidence that you will be financially secure throughout.

  • “Wait… I thought that was what happened when you retire later on in life?”
  • “Don’t you have to work 40+ years to accomplish that?”
  • “You would need to be a multi-millionaire for that to happen… right?
You don’t have to be this old to retire!

These are the thoughts/questions that most people have when reading that line. How do I know? Because these were the thoughts that I had prior to learning about how it can be done at a much earlier age.

I believe there are so many people out there in this world who are exactly like I was. Trained, conditioned – whatever you want to call it – into believing that we NEED to work our entire lives in order to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

NEWS FLASH! That is not the case! There are so many people out there that provide a living, breathing example that retiring early is very, very possible.

So how can it be done then?

Depending on the lifestyle you choose to live, you could theoretically become Financially Independent tomorrow… or 70 years down the line. The choice is yours.

I won’t pretend to be the first person to blog about this topic. There are many, many FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) blogs out there, with people documenting their own journeys to FI, as well as giving excellent advice along the way.

In beginning this blog I hope to accomplish 3 distinct goals:

  1. Sharing Monthly Net Worth/Expenses Updates for everyone to follow along (nothing like sharing your finances with the public to help keep you on track!)
  2. Detail the many different paths you can take towards Financial Independence and employ strategies that can help you get there
  3. Reach out to as many new, young people that I can – the earlier you start, the easier it is – to help them understand it is absolutely possible to walk away from your job in your 30s/40s or even earlier!

Before you dive in – know this. You have one life to live. Nobody can tell you how to live it, that is your choice. There is no judgement here (unless I spend too much in my Net Worth updates, then its free reign!). If you get joy and happiness from the things you currently spend money on, you should continue to do so. I merely want to show that there is, in fact, an alternative path.

As Morpheus once told Neo in The Matrix (one of my favorites):

“I’m trying to free you’re mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”

With that, let’s ride off. There’s a spectacular journey out there for all of us!

6 thoughts to “Introduction”

  1. Welcome to the FI community! As another somewhat newbie, trust me, you’ve picked one welcoming place to be a part of! 🙂

  2. Being aware at your young age should really put you in a good position sooner than later. Just dont be too influenced to see how fast you can retire. Even working into your mid-40’s can be a good thing in setting yourself up right.

    1. Definitely agreed. I haven’t quite figured out yet when I would “retire” though more than likely I would still be doing some kind of work that earns money, even after I walk away from the corporate world. I figure I will just work towards that magical Financial Independence number and figure it out as I get closer 😄

      Thanks for reading!

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